West NHS clinic to offer depression magnet therapy

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Mark Rickman rTMS patient

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Mark Rickman said the attraction has had a 'huge impact' connected his life

By Matthew Hill & Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley

BBC West

A therapy utilizing magnets to dainty terrible slump is disposable connected the NHS successful the West for the archetypal time.

Wellsprings session successful Taunton tin present present the repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment (rTMS) to NHS patients done a referral.

During a session, a beardown magnetic tract is utilized to stimulate oregon inhibit antithetic parts of the brain.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said it had "no large information concerns" for the therapy.

Mark Rickman, 60, from Dartmoor deals with bipolar and slump and said rTMS has had a affirmative interaction connected him.

He paid £4,000 to get the attraction delivered by a backstage session elsewhere successful the west.

'Response is variable'

NICE cleared rTMS for usage successful 2015, for radical who had not responded good to antidepressants, and had "no large concerns" astir the therapy.

The main broadside effects were said to beryllium headaches, and patients astatine hazard of seizures are screened.

"The grounds connected its efficacy successful the short‑term is adequate, though the objective effect is variable," A NICE spokesperson said.

"Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for slump whitethorn beryllium utilized with mean arrangements for objective governance and audit."

'Hugely impacted my life'

Mr Rickman antecedently tried Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), wherever electrical shocks origin a little surge of electrical enactment successful the brain, but said it was "debilitating" compared to rTMS.

"The large payment of rTMS is it's a abbreviated attraction clip here, a 15-30 infinitesimal session, I americium capable to thrust myself here," helium said.

"Whereas with ECT you person to person idiosyncratic with you for 24 hours and you can't thrust for 12 weeks, truthful this is simply a immense quality successful presumption of the interaction connected my life."

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Dr Maynard said: "Any caller attraction we person for slump is truly welcome"

Dr Nathan Maynard, pb advisor psychiatrist for the Taunton rTMS clinic, said up to a 3rd of patients with slump are "clinically attraction resistant".

He said: "We typically spot patients who are nether the attraction of intelligence wellness services.

"The diligent would beryllium referred to our session and I'd measure them, earlier offering an intensive people of rTMS if appropriate."

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Ms Gullick hopes patients from extracurricular of Somerset volition progressively payment from rTMS

Catriona Gullick, neuromodulation squad person astatine the session said patients question from each implicit the southbound westbound of England for the treatment.

"We person had a mates of patients that person travel from Devon, 1 from Frome, truthful adjacent though there's a longer commute, they are rather contented due to the fact that they consciousness the attraction is beneficial," she said.

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