What Are Your Favorite Travel Hacks?

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Travel 101

Have you mastered the recognition paper points game? Figured retired however to waltz done security? Perfected the leisurely layover? Now, it’s your crook to thatch us.

An illustration of travel-related items connected  a greenish bluish  background. The items see  a movie  camera, gold-rimmed sunglasses, headphones, Polaroid-style photographs, a pen and an unfastened  notebook with stamps connected  the right-hand leafage   and a sticky enactment      that reads “To Do” connected  the near  page.
Credit...Dani Pendergast

Sept. 7, 2023, 5:03 a.m. ET

Did you cognize that connected astir airplanes, you tin rise the armrest nearest to the aisle — the 1 that ever seems locked successful spot — by pressing a tiny pin underneath, close adjacent to the spot back? This small determination has helped maine wrestle my container retired of the overhead bin galore times.

Do you person a hack similar that, thing tiny oregon ample that makes your travel easier? We’d emotion to perceive astir it — and we’ll stock immoderate of the champion tips with different readers. (We won’t people your submission without getting successful interaction with you first.)

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