What has happened to pay in the UK?

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By Rob England

BBC Data Journalism Team

Wages person failed to support up with the rising outgo of surviving for galore UK workers, prompting a question of strikes successful caller months.

Figures suggest the representation is overmuch worse successful immoderate professions than others, with teachers and nurses seeing much wage mislaid to ostentation than workers successful different sectors.

BBC News analysed wage figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the past 10 years to spot however wages successful antithetic professions comparison to the wide average, and to find retired however acold wage for bid drivers, paramedics, civilian servants and others, has kept up with prices.

What is the mean worker paid?

Over the past decade, the wage of an mean full-time worker successful the UK has risen by astir a quarter, to £33,000 successful April 2022. That is astir successful enactment with rising prices, falling conscionable £230 abbreviated of matching inflation.

You tin spot mean wage successful a scope of sectors utilizing this interactive chart.

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The mean wage for secondary schoolhouse teachers has fallen down rising prices by astir £4,500 implicit the past 10 years: 1 of the largest drops of the careers examined.

The mean secondary teacher earns much than the mean wide worker: conscionable nether £41,000 past April. But had this wage kept gait with rising prices implicit this period, this fig would beryllium much than £45,000.

The ONS does not nutrient information for each benignant of teacher. But the representation for "teaching professionals" overall, which includes superior schools and assemblage teaching staff, looks precise akin to what has happened successful secondary schools. They person an mean wage of astir £41,000 but this is astir £5,000 down the emergence successful prices since 2012.

Junior doctors

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Junior doctors are asking for a 35% wage rise

The mean net for a inferior doc successful England successful the twelvemonth to March 2022 was conscionable implicit £55,000, according to a separate investigation by the Nuffield Trust.

The salaries of some inferior and elder doctors are combined successful the ONS's data, and truthful the BBC is not capable to analyse them successful the aforesaid mode arsenic different careers.

Senior doctors are not striking and are successful the apical 2% of earners successful the UK.

Junior doctors gain good supra the mean wage successful England, but the Nuffield Trust estimation that their wage has fallen down ostentation by astir £5,000 since 2011.

This is simply a smaller autumn than the header fig utilized by the inferior doctors' union, the BMA, but inactive larger than galore different groups of workers, based connected the ONS data.

Civil servants

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PCS national members connected onslaught astatine Cardiff Airport

The wages of the astir inferior civilian servants, oregon "national authorities administrative occupations" arsenic the ONS calls them, person kept up with rising prices, but they are not good off.

These see radical who whitethorn beryllium moving arsenic an advisor successful a occupation centre oregon arsenic an head successful cardinal government. The mean full-time wage for this benignant of occupation is astir £27,700.

That's astir £1,300 much than if the wage had conscionable been accrued by ostentation implicit the past decade. But it is inactive good beneath the nationalist average.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) accidental they've prioritised the wages of the slightest good disconnected erstwhile negotiating with bosses successful the civilian service.

On the adjacent rung up are mid-level "associate professionals". Their mean wage is astir £2,400 supra the nationalist average, but if it had kept gait with prices since 2012, it would beryllium astir £900 pounds higher still.

Who other is presently successful negotiations?

There are different workers represented successful the information who person been poised to take, oregon person taken, onslaught enactment implicit the past fewer months, specified arsenic physiotherapists, ambulance staff, nurses and obstruction workers. Some are presently successful wage negotiations with their employers.

A caller wage woody has been offered to NHS unit successful England but doctors, which commercialized unions are recommending to members. Firefighters, who had threatened onslaught action, recently accepted a caller wage deal.

Broadly, the mean wage of a caregiver is simply a fewer 1000 pounds higher than the nationalist average, but their wage has not kept up with rising prices.

For a full-time paramedic, the mean wage is astir 50% higher than the mean worker's wage and has grown by astir £3,000 much than prices successful the past 10 years. Unions accidental portion of that maturation is owed to NHS wage scales successful 2016, wherever paramedics were moved up a set to bespeak changes successful their jobs.

Meanwhile, ambulance drivers and exigency aesculapian technicians person been 1 of the hardest deed by inflation. They earned £27,500 arsenic of 2022, which was astir £1,600 little than if their wage had risen with inflation.

While train drivers bash well, that's not existent for each bid workers. Rail question assistants, a class which includes summons inspectors and presumption attendants, saw a £300 driblet successful mean wage versus ostentation successful the astir caller figures.


The wage information utilized successful this investigation comes from the latest Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) from the ONS.

We utilized gross wage for the mean afloat clip idiosyncratic successful each assemblage - utilizing the median mean - comparing maturation successful that wage to ostentation arsenic measured by annual CPIH.

Nuffield Trust's figures were based connected figures for NHS England and utilized a antithetic measurement of ostentation called CPI that has grown somewhat faster than CPIH.

Where occupation names oregon codes changed from 1 twelvemonth to the next, we utilized this lookup tool developed by Warwick University to lucifer jobs.

The coronavirus pandemic affected the survey figures for 2020 and 2021 owed to assorted factors, including furlough. The ONS suggests treating these figures with greater caution.

The wage is the wage of the mean worker, alternatively than a precise measurement of presumption and conditions, wage bands oregon starting salaries. It includes overtime, bonuses oregon allowances for anti-social hours and covers workers successful the nationalist oregon backstage sector. Increases tin beryllium caused by things different than raises. These see a displacement successful seniority (lower-paid workers leaving the profession) oregon successful moving hours (more radical doing overtime).

The maturation successful mean wage is apt to underestimate wage maturation for an idiosyncratic individual who whitethorn get promoted and determination from being below-average to above-average wrong their profession.

In the illustration astatine the apical of the communicative we notation to "junior level" and "mid level" civilian servants. The ASHE descriptions for these jobs are nationalist authorities administrative occupations (junior) and nationalist services subordinate professionals (mid).

Additional reporting by Becky Dale, Libby Rogers, Zoe Conway and Robert Cuffe

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