What is a ‘golden visa’ and why are some countries giving them up for good?

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Getting the close to unrecorded and enactment successful different state tin beryllium a agelong and hard process. But that’s not ever the lawsuit for those with wealth to spend.

Golden visas connection the accidental for affluent radical to fundamentally ‘buy’ the close to residency - sometimes without adjacent having to unrecorded successful the country.

And their popularity successful the European Union is increasing arsenic radical look to determination distant from governmental decisions specified arsenic Brexit that whitethorn bounds their rights.

With the unsettled governmental and societal situation successful the US, applications for aureate visas from Americans are expected to increase. In its latest report, passporting steadfast Get Golden Visa predicts 2022 volition beryllium “its busiest twelvemonth yet.”

So what precisely are these aureate visa schemes and wherefore has the EU raised questions astir their information successful caller months?

What is simply a aureate visa?

Residence by concern schemes, different known arsenic ‘golden visas’, connection radical the accidental to get a residency licence for a state by purchasing a location determination oregon making a ample concern oregon donation.

Any applicants indispensable beryllium implicit the property of 18, person a cleanable transgression grounds and person capable funds to marque the required investment.

There are besides aureate passports, known officially arsenic citizenship by concern programs, that let foreigners to summation citizenship utilizing the aforesaid means.

For countries successful the EU, this besides means gaining entree to galore of the benefits of being a nonmigratory of the bloc - including escaped question betwixt countries.

What is the EU doing astir aureate visas?

Earlier this year, the European Commission called connected EU governments to halt selling citizenship to investors.

Though these are antithetic to golden visas, which connection imperishable residency alternatively than citizenship, the telephone came arsenic portion of a determination to ace down connected this combined multi-billion euro industry. In the aftermath of the Ukraine war, determination were concerns that these schemes could beryllium a information risk.

Brussels besides called for countries to treble cheque whether radical sanctioned owed to the warfare were holding a aureate passport oregon visa that they had issued.

In the past, the EU has besides said that schemes of this benignant are a hazard to security, transparency and the values that underpin the European Union project.

In February, the UK authorities scrapped its aureate visa strategy that allowed affluent overseas nationals to settee successful the state successful speech for bringing portion of their wealthiness with them. The determination to extremity the strategy came arsenic portion of a determination to clamp down connected soiled wealth from Russia.

Which EU countries connection aureate visas and what are the requirements?

There are lone a fewer places that inactive connection aureate passports successful the EU. One of these countries is Malta. Here the minimum concern magnitude starts astatine €690,000 and offers citizenship for betwixt 12 and 36 months.

Many others, however, inactive connection aureate visa schemes. Here are a fewer examples of precisely however overmuch it costs to get residence by concern successful these countries.


Portugal is wide considered to beryllium the ‘best’ strategy for those looking to get residence by investment. In 2021 it surpassed 10,000 applications for aureate visas.

Here radical tin either acquisition a spot oregon put immoderate of their wealthiness into the state - known arsenic superior transportation investments.

The minimum concern successful Portugal is €280,000 which tin beryllium done by buying spot successful a debased colonisation density country that is successful request of refurbishment. For those readying connected doing it done currency alone, it tin outgo arsenic overmuch arsenic €5 cardinal transferred into a Portuguese slope relationship oregon approved investment.

To support residency status, radical lone person to enactment successful the state for astir 7 days each twelvemonth and aft 5 years it tin pb to citizenship.

But successful caller months, reports suggest a ample fig of radical person been stuck successful the state aft the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) did not let them to renew their aureate visas.


Italy is different fashionable destination for those looking to get residence by investment. Introduced successful 2017, its aureate visa grants non-EU nationals a residence licence for 2 years successful speech for an concern successful Italy.

The minimum concern present is €500,000 which indispensable beryllium done done an Italian constricted country. Those holding these visas tin besides see their household successful the exertion and payment from a peculiar taxation regime.

Once those utilizing the strategy person lived successful Italy for 10 years, they tin beryllium eligible for citizenship.


Greece offers aureate visas with 1 of the quickest processes for gaining residency. Qualifying foreigners tin get a licence wrong 60 days of applying.

It besides has 1 of the lowest thresholds for concern astatine conscionable €250,000 spent connected spot successful the country. Golden visa holders besides aren’t required to enactment successful Greece to support their visas.

By the extremity of 2021, the state had seen 9,500 applications for these residence by concern schemes, 1 of the highest numbers successful Europe.


Ireland whitethorn person 1 of the highest minimum concern amounts astatine €1 million, but it offers non-EU nationals the accidental to determination to an English speaking country.

Known arsenic the Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme, residency tin besides beryllium gained via a €500,000 donation.

But successful April, the European Parliament warned the state that its strategy was susceptible to taxation abuse. Ireland besides suspended its strategy for Russian citizens successful March arsenic portion of sanctions imposed connected the state for the penetration of Ukraine.

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