WhatsApp to allow users to edit messages - but only for a short window

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WhatsApp volition let users to edit their messages - but lone for 15 minutes aft they person been sent.

The Meta-owned messaging work has started rolling retired the caller relation and it volition beryllium disposable to each users successful the coming weeks.

Messages volition transportation a statement showing they person been edited - but they won't amusement however they person been changed.

To edit one, a idiosyncratic volition request to property and clasp a connection and take "edit" from the drop-down menu.

The edit enactment volition beryllium disposable for 15 minutes aft the connection has been sent.

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Meta deed with grounds £1bn fine

The caller relation is for "the moments erstwhile you marque a mistake, oregon simply alteration your mind", the institution wrote successful a blog post.

"From correcting a elemental misspelling to adding other discourse to a message, we're excited to bring you much power implicit your chats."

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WhatsApp is the latest work to connection an edit relation aft messaging services Telegram and Signal introduced it.

Twitter introduced its Edit Tweet function to paying subscribers past year.

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Facebook has allowed users to edit posts and comments - but not messages - for astir a decade.

WhatsApp's latest update comes aft Meta announced it would allow users to fastener and fell conversations.

Chat Lock volition region a chat thread from the app's regular onscreen inbox and spot it into a caller folder that tin lone beryllium opened by a password oregon biometric, specified arsenic facial designation oregon a fingerprint.

Meta called it "one much furniture of security" but the diagnostic could put it astatine likelihood with the UK government's online information bill.

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