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How bittersweet to work Phineas Harper’s nonfiction astir assembly tenants being denied the pleasance of cultivating a tiny plot connected the plots of onshore extracurricular their properties (The assembly has travel for our gnomes and cookware plants. Your hanging handbasket mightiness beryllium next, 23 May).

When my parent and I moved into a caller assembly level successful Manor Park successful eastbound London successful the 1960s (now portion of Newham), the ample portion of onshore betwixt our level and the Eastern Region railway viaduct was divided into tiny plot plots, each with idiosyncratic apparel lines. Most tenants took afloat vantage of these plots, taking large pleasance successful cultivating them successful their ain idiosyncratic ways.

Likewise, erstwhile my parent moved up to Peterborough to unrecorded successful a artifact of low-rise assembly flats designed for older people, she was again capable to marque a plot astatine some the backmost and beforehand of her flat. Surely section authorities should beryllium encouraging tenants to marque the astir of their abstraction alternatively than banning them.

If the Covid pandemic has taught america anything, it is however important it is for our intelligence wellness to beryllium capable to get extracurricular into the caller air.
Marie Paterson
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Phineas Harper’s nonfiction makes a fig of fantabulous points connected the benefits to radical of being capable to usage extracurricular spaces, adjacent tiny ones. I suggest that to these we should adhd wildlife and biology benefits.

While radical with writer areas are being encouraged to person a “no-mow May” to assistance butterflies, moths and bees find flowers to cod from, a parallel clampdown by paranoid section authorities connected model boxes and hanging baskets connected occurrence information grounds would beryllium laughable if it weren’t truthful sad.
Lyn Pigney
Alaigne, France

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