Where Ron DeSantis stands on key issues

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls connected  a subordinate   of the media astatine  a property   league  astatine  the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum successful  Titusville, Florida connected  1 May 2023Image source, Getty Images

By Sam Cabral

BBC News, Washington

Ron DeSantis has entered the Republican statesmanlike contention and, portion helium trails Donald Trump successful the polls, helium is wide seen arsenic his main rival. So what does helium basal for?

Based connected what helium has done successful Florida and what helium has said since helium launched his campaign, here's a dash done assorted policies - and wherever helium differs from Mr Trump.


After the US Supreme Court voted past twelvemonth to overturn the law close to an abortion, Mr DeSantis promptly signed a measure prohibiting them aft 15 weeks.

Last period helium signed a stricter measure passed by his enactment which banned the process aft six weeks - earlier astir women cognize they are pregnant.

Polls amusement a bulk of Floridians, including a important fig of Republicans, reason the latest measure.

That whitethorn beryllium a informing motion to Mr DeSantis - the party's stance connected termination was wide blamed for its mediocre show successful the 2022 midterm elections.

Mr Trump has said helium supports the states deciding connected this contented and privately is thought to judge the six-week prohibition makes his rival susceptible electorally.

Teaching successful schools

Mr DeSantis has repeatedly waded into civilization warfare issues, peculiarly what helium refers to arsenic "woke ideology".

Declaring often that "Florida is wherever woke goes to die", helium has led efforts this twelvemonth to remake acquisition curriculums by restricting schoolroom discussions connected enactment and sex identity. The measure is called "Don't Say Gay" by its critics.

His escalating warfare with Disney, 1 of the state's largest employers, began implicit its disapproval of the measure pursuing protests by employees.

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Watch: DeSantis v Disney combat explained successful 90 seconds

"His opponents are utilizing that arsenic an illustration of 'the incorrect benignant of Republicanism'," said Peter Schorsch, steadfast of the Florida Politics quality site, who believes the governor's legislative and rhetorical battle connected the institution whitethorn "be his undoing" successful the 2024 race.

Mr Trump has been sharply captious of the Disney feud, informing that the steadfast could propulsion its immense concern from the state.

Race has besides been successful the crosshairs. Teachers successful Florida person told the BBC that assorted laws limiting what tin beryllium taught successful the schoolroom person had a chilling effect connected however they thatch history.

Border wall

Mr DeSantis has taken 1 of Mr Trump's signature policies and tally with it.

He archetypal came to nationalist prominence in a 2018 run advert which featured him teaching his babe however to physique a borderline partition retired of children's bricks.

And this week helium told Fox News that a time 1 precedence successful the White House would beryllium to mobilise resources to conception it for real.

Immigration is simply a taxable connected which helium likes to marque headlines.

He has sent asylum seekers to the Democrat-controlled authorities of Massachusetts successful a determination condemned by critics arsenic a gimmick.

Social Security

Despite the unit connected budgets arsenic indebtedness ceiling talks resistance on, neither antheral is keen to prime a combat with a important voting bloc - pensioners.

"We're not going to messiness with Social Security arsenic Republicans," said Mr DeSantis. "I deliberation that that's beauteous clear."

But it has go a bony of contention betwixt the two.

Mr DeSantis has successful the past supported raising the status property to 70 truthful Mr Trump, who has vowed to support Social Security, has attacked him for it.

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Watch: Five things to cognize astir Ron DeSantis


This is not a beardown contented for the Florida governor.

After calling the warfare a "territorial dispute" that was not portion of the US's captious interests, helium was rounded connected by respective elder members of his party.

His 2024 rival Nikki Haley warned him not to spell "weak astatine the knees" connected overseas policy.

He has since tried to clarify his remarks and said helium would similar to spot a colony but similar Mr Trump helium has not fixed details how.

There is simply a batch of absorption connected whether some candidates mightiness halt the subject assistance that has been flowing to Kyiv since the commencement of the war.

Both person called connected different countries successful Europe to lend more.


As the US system loses steam, voters whitethorn beryllium looking for a liable economical steward to beryllium their adjacent president - much proactive than Mr Biden but little reactive than Mr Trump.

According to Edwin Benton, a governmental idiosyncratic astatine the University of South Florida, the governor's aggravated absorption connected the civilization wars volition permission galore with the cognition that helium is little funny successful attending to issues similar the rising outgo of surviving and spot insurance.

"When you get close down to it, radical are going to look for the existent nitty-gritty: is this idiosyncratic funny successful maine and my family?" helium said.

Mr DeSantis visited UK, South Korea, Japan and Israel connected an "international commercialized mission" aimed to physique connected the economical relationships betwixt Florida and the 4 countries.

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