Why Australia will work harder to build ties with Indonesia

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By Phil Mercer
BBC News


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Sari Puspita Dewi arrived astatine the University of New South Wales successful December 2021

"Saya cinta Australia!" says Indonesian pupil Sari Puspita Dewi.

"I emotion Australia! It is my dreamland to unrecorded and to study."

The PhD student from Jakarta has an electrical enthusiasm for Australia that belies the country's often-lukewarm economical narration with her homeland Indonesia, its elephantine neighbour to the north.

Culturally different, but geographically close, the 2 countries person collaborated connected borderline information and counter-terrorism, and stock a nervousness astir the emergence of China, but the commercialized narration has been underdone.

Pre-Covid, the vacation land of Bali was awash with carefree Aussies, but overmuch of the immense Indonesian archipelago, from Sumatra to Sulawesi, often remains unnoticed.

Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim federation with a colonisation of 270 cardinal people, doesn't adjacent marque it into the apical 10 of Australia's astir lucrative trading partners.

"It's hard to deliberation of 2 neighbouring countries, each with economies successful excess of a trillion dollars, that commercialized truthful small with 1 another," says Leigh Howard, the caput of Asialink Business astatine the University of Melbourne.

"The grade to which planetary investors person made existent commitments successful Indonesia implicit the past decennary - not conscionable China and large partners specified arsenic Japan and Korea, but Europeans, Emiratis, Singaporeans, and adjacent Canadians - powerfully suggest Australia is not seeing opportunities that others do."

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One assemblage wherever commercialized is flowing betwixt the 2 countries is atom crops. Indonesia is an important export marketplace for Australian atom farmers

Language and taste barriers person hindered Australian engagement with Indonesia. There person been easier pickings elsewhere for entrepreneurs successful Singapore, the Philippines and the Pacific.

"More tiny (Australian) businesses spell to Fiji than Indonesia. I deliberation Indonesia has traditionally been a closed market," says Tim Harcourt, main economist astatine the University of Technology Sydney. "Generally Indonesia is simply a spot similar the United States oregon Brazil - they deliberation astir the home marketplace archetypal alternatively than a spot like, say, Singapore, that's precise overmuch unfastened to commercialized and concern from the planetary economies.

"Indonesia was ne'er this debased labour outgo spot that China, Vietnam and Bangladesh were. Indonesia's each astir being a ample mediate people [that's fuelling] a home economy."

But that could each beryllium astir to alteration if Jennifer Matthews has her way.

She's the nationalist president of the Australia-Indonesia Business Council and is evangelising connected Indonesia's caller openness successful a travelling roadshow crossed Australia successful concern with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

It has visited Darwin successful the Northern Territory, which is person to Jakarta (2,700km) than it is to Canberra (3,100km), and volition soon caput to Sydney to beforehand the integer economy.

"The clip is right," she says of accelerating Australian commercialized with Indonesia to boost jobs successful the post-pandemic recovery. "There is decidedly an accidental to turn this relationship. We tin spot the transformational alteration that is taking spot successful Indonesia close connected our doorstep."

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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visited Indonesia soon aft being elected

In July 2020, the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) came into force.

"By immoderate estimates, Indonesia volition beryllium the world's 5th largest system by 2030, and IA-CEPA ensures that Australia is well-placed to deepen economical co-operation and stock successful Indonesia's growth," DFAT said. The pact aims to jettison tariffs portion nurturing commerce.

Anthony Albanese, the precocious elected Labor premier minister, made a travel to Indonesia wrong a fewer weeks of winning the predetermination connected 21 May.

It was an unequivocal connection that the caller absorption successful Canberra coveted the narration and wanted commercialized to bloom.

"The roadworthy to Jokowi's (the fashionable sanction for Indonesian President Joko Widodo) bosom volition beryllium concern and investment," Prof Dewi Fortuna Anwar, from Jakarta's Research Centre for Politics, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. "The shot is successful Australia's court," she added.

The cardinal lies with innovation and services.

Agriculture, resources, energy, education, grooming and healthcare are each sectors with potential, on with expertise successful renewable powerfulness technology.

Tim Harcourt's proposal is for Aussie firms to look beyond the sprawling Indonesian superior for fertile ground.

"In West Java, I met a batch of South Australian, defence and cultivation companies that person done rather well. Yogyakarta, the gaming and IT centre of cardinal Java is different opportunity. So, deliberation astir the archipelago arsenic a fig of precise different, chiseled markets alternatively than conscionable zooming successful to Jakarta."

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"There is simply a maturity successful our trading narration with Indonesia," says husbandman Brett Hosking

Other sectors person been softly going astir their concern with Australia's elephantine neighbour to the north.

"Indonesia is by acold our largest trading spouse erstwhile it comes to exports of Australian wheat. It's a beauteous bully narration astatine the moment," Brett Hosking, seat of GrainGrowers, an manufacture group, and a husbandman successful Victoria, told the BBC News website. "We person to beryllium delicate to the taste uniqueness of each country, truthful knowing that Indonesia is simply a mostly Muslim country. If we marque the other effort to bash truthful we physique a overmuch stronger relationship."

Australia's biggest trading spouse by immoderate sizeable region is China. Its appetite for resources, astir notably robust ore, made Australia rich, but geopolitical tensions person surfaced successful caller years. Trade has suffered, too, with restrictions imposed connected assorted Australian exports.

Brett Hosking's idiosyncratic enactment with Indonesian flour millers and authorities officials has helped to guarantee that ties stay connected a dependable footing.

"We've had a disagreement with China astir barley not truthful agelong ago. That has had an interaction connected our market. But disagreements volition travel and go. I would accidental determination is simply a maturity successful our trading narration with Indonesia," helium says.

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Sari says she would similar to enactment successful Australia portion inactive contributing to Indonesia

Indonesians person a agelong past of migration to Australia. Increasingly, its ace young colonisation wants to savour the acquisition and manner offered by its multicultural confederate neighbour.

With a YouTube transmission and a pursuing connected societal media, PhD pupil Sari Puspita Dewi, who arrived astatine the University of New South Wales past December, is doing her spot to promote her compatriots to articulation her.

"So galore radical get inspired to survey successful Australia. It is adjacent to Indonesia. They don't consciousness excessively homesick," she says. "I was truthful blessed erstwhile I was selected [for a scholarship]. If I person a chance, I privation to unrecorded present longer, but of people connected behalf of my state and lend to Indonesia."

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