Why Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty didn't go to a full VAR review

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Should VAR person denied Ronaldo his punishment vs. Ghana? (1:12)

Dale Johnson discusses the VAR incidents from Portugal's clash with Ghana. (1:12)

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  • Dale JohnsonGeneral Editor, ESPN FC

We're analysing each VAR determination made throughout each 64 games astatine the 2022 World Cup. Find retired wherefore the punishment that Cristiano Ronaldo won for Portugal against Ghana didn't spell to a afloat VAR review.

After each game, we instrumentality a look astatine the large incidents to analyse and explicate the process some successful presumption of VAR protocol and the Laws of the Game.

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Portugal 3-2 Ghana

Possible punishment overturn: Salisu foul connected Ronaldo

What happened: Portugal were awarded a punishment successful the 62nd infinitesimal erstwhile Cristiano Ronaldo was knocked implicit by Mohammed Salisu.

VAR decision: Penalty stands, scored by Ronaldo.

VAR review: This lone required a speedy cheque by the VAR, United States referee Armando Villarreal.

Replays showed that Ronaldo decidedly got to the shot archetypal up of Salisu earlier determination was interaction connected the Portugal striker's footwear and precocious body.

Even though this could surely beryllium considered a brushed penalty, we person to look astatine it successful VAR terms; it would not beryllium seen arsenic a wide and evident mistake by the lucifer referee, chap American authoritative Ismail Elfath. Equally, if the referee hadn't fixed the penalty, it's improbable the VAR would person advised a spot kick.

If Salisu had got to the shot archetypal earlier Ronaldo this would person been grounds for a afloat review, but unluckily for the Ghana defender helium failed to bash so.

Ronaldo besides thought helium had scored successful the 31st minute, but the referee had already blown for a foul against him for a propulsion connected Alexander Djiku. The VAR is incapable to reappraisal thing aft the referee's whistle, truthful helium cannot look backmost astatine the foul to grant the goal.

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