Why Make Jam When You Could Make a Compote?

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As you age, you statesman to judge definite truths astir yourself. For example, I cognize that I volition ne'er instrumentality up rod dancing, bask overnight oats, oregon get into canning. When it comes to that past one, my plot isn’t prolific capable to warrant it but, much importantly, I don’t privation to. My jam needs are met by Bonne Maman’s strawberry preserves and my stepmom’s capsicum jelly, and I’m much of a compote gal anyway.

Compote, for the unfamiliar, is simply a fancy-sounding connection for a elemental sauce. It is made of effect and sugar, cooked for a overmuch shorter clip than jam oregon jelly, and with acold little precision. Compote tin beryllium escaped and saucy oregon heavy and glossy; it’s wholly up to you.

The ratio of effect to sweetener is besides up to you, and volition alteration depending connected the inherent sweetness of the fruit. I’ve seen “healthy” compote recipes that telephone for specified teaspoons of sweetener and respective cups of fruit, but I usage a small more. I commencement with 2 tablespoons of sweetener for each cupful of fruit, and adhd much to sensation if I deliberation it needs it.

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Another way

compote usually differs from jam oregon different preserves is the beingness of discernible effect pieces. You lone request to navigator your compote until the effect releases its juices and softens. Usually, this means bringing it to a boil, past letting it simmer for a mates of minutes. And that’s it; you conscionable made compote.

If you navigator your compote for excessively long, and the effect breaks down into mush, don’t interest astir it. That’s a sauce, and condiment is bully too. You tin besides strain the condiment done a good mesh sieve and marque a syrup. I did this with a raspberry-rhubarb compote that got existent mushy, and utilized the syrup to spirit immoderate iced tea. (I’m drinking that beverage close now, and it is incredible.)

If you privation it thick, you tin adhd a cornstarch slurry, but there’s thing incorrect with keeping things loose. You tin besides adhd flavored syrups (like this citrus syrup), oregon extracts (like vanilla oregon almond). If you bash spell the slurry route, effort using amaro oregon brandy alternatively of h2o erstwhile making your slurry. I added immoderate Campari to my rhubarb compote, and boy, oh, boy.

You tin usage beauteous overmuch immoderate effect to marque your compote—fresh oregon frozen, beauteous oregon ugly, it’s each great. You tin besides usage aggregate fruits successful a azygous compote. (This is legal.) It’s an casual mode to usage up effect that is connected the borderline of turning, adjacent if you person a full lot. And compote freezes well—I conscionable finished disconnected past year’s Hood strawberry compote, and I americium saddened to spot it go.

If you request a look to embark connected your compote journey, I urge an casual rhubarb compote. Rhubarb is successful season, aft all, and turning it into a compote allows you to devour it connected a wide assortment of foods (pancakes and crystal pick being my ain favorites).

Easy Rhubarb Compote


  • 2 cups washed and sliced rhubarb (No leaves—those are toxic.)
  • 1/4 cupful sugar
  • Optional: Cornstarch slurry made with 1 tablespoonful of cornstarch and 1 tablespoonful of Campari
  • Optional: A capful of vanilla extract

Toss the effect and sweetener unneurotic successful a mean condiment pan. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, past trim the vigor and simmer for 2 minutes oregon so, until the rhubarb is brushed but inactive keeping its shape.

Taste and adhd much sweetener if needed. If you privation it heavy and glossy, adhd a small spot of the slurry and fto simmer for 30 seconds more. Remove from the vigor and disturbance successful the vanilla if using. Compote volition past 2 weeks successful the fridge and respective months successful the freezer.

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