Why you should visit the Philippines this summer: The tropical archipelago with 7,641 islands

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You won’t find galore much people divers countries than the Philippines. Made up of a whopping 7,641 islands, the southeast Asian archipelago sits adjacent the equator successful the Pacific Ocean.

Blessed with sublime sunshine and unsocial landscapes, astir 2,000 of the islands are inhabited, with Luzon, the largest and northernmost land location to the Filipino superior of Manila.

New information from the KAYAK summer travel study shows that Manila is the astir searched for destination for this summer.  

The islands reopened to afloat vaccinated tourists from visa-free countries connected 10 February 2022. Visa-free question is present imaginable if you are staying for little than 30 days - you tin spot the afloat database of visa-free countries here.

“The Philippines has been 1 of the astir blimpish countries successful the satellite successful presumption of its COVID-19 protections,” said Gerard Panga, the Philippines tourism spokesperson to the UK.

“For implicit a twelvemonth we person been preparing the destinations to marque definite they are compliant with planetary standards successful presumption of wellness and information protections.”

So wherever should you sojourn erstwhile you get there?

A distant land celebrated for filming

The country’s stringent measures person meant it has been capable to big immoderate unsocial events, contempt the pandemic.

“Even during the tallness of COVID-19 corruption cases, we had the Survivor TV radical from Israel. More than 100 people, the formed and unit of Survivor TV went to this distant land successful Caramoan,” says Panga.

Once described arsenic a ‘hidden island’, the TV blockbuster is present truthful globally celebrated that the land is good known to travellers, though inactive hard to reach. 

Isolated from the main Caramoan Peninsula, you whitethorn request to instrumentality respective buses and boats to scope it.

Despite the isolation of immoderate of its islands, the Philippines has suffered from overtourism successful the past too. 

But peculiar measures person meant that 1 of its astir celebrated destinations, Boracay Island, has been capable to alteration itself for the better.

Boracay Island

Awarded the rubric of the ‘second astir instagrammable spot successful the world’ by Big 7 Travel and labelled the champion land successful the satellite by Travel+Leisure successful 2012, planetary popularity soon overwhelmed Boracay.

After gaining a estimation arsenic a 24/7 enactment island, the authorities declared the closure of the 10.32km islet to holidaymakers to springiness the ecosystem (and the locals) a accidental to recover.

“Now connected the formation we don’t let anymore smoking, drinking, large parties oregon large music, truthful it’s go a haven for relaxation, honeymooners, families, for communing with nature,” says Panga.

“We had to region each the structures wrong the shoreline, truthful present it's each wild, the h2o is clear.”

Moalboal connected Cebu island

If you’d alternatively person an escapade than lounge connected the formation each day, determination are plentifulness of activities for the chaotic astatine bosom successful the Philippines.

If underwater sports are your thing, past however astir swimming with millions of sardines? 

The sardine run successful the beachside municipality of Moalboal connected Cebu land offers divers a genuinely unsocial experience.

Head to Panagsama formation astatine practically immoderate clip of twelvemonth (though you’ll person a clearer presumption if you debar the rainy play from June to October) and you’ll beryllium capable to aquatics with this unthinkable shoal of fish. 

The sardines emergence adjacent to the water’s aboveground to provender connected plankton, truthful adjacent snorkelers tin bask the metallic flashes of the swaying sardines.

“The underwater treasures of the Philippines are truly beyond compare, successful information we are Asia’s diving capital,” says Panga.

“According to the WTA (World Travel Awards) successful the past 3 years, 2019 to 2021, we person been voted the world’s starring diving destination.”

The land of Mindanao

For thing a small little fishy, hiking is simply a large mode to research the Philippines’ sprawling environment. 

The state has 3,134 mountains to its name, with the highest being Mount Apo connected the land of Mindanao.

You don’t request to ascent the highest upland to get your hiking hole though. Mount Pulag is simply a large spot for seasoned and little experienced (but not beginner) hikers, arsenic it offers a assortment of trails to suit a scope of abilities.

Popular with backpackers owed to the stunning ‘cloud sea’ views from the apical of the peak, it’s besides a large spot to ticker the sunrise. Do travel afloat prepared though, arsenic temperatures connected the mountainside tin driblet to -5°C and depending connected which way you take, the hike tin instrumentality betwixt 7 hours oregon a fewer days.

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