Why you shouldn’t arrive too early for your flight, and more expert advice to beat airport queues

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Widespread enthusiasm for the instrumentality of unrestricted question successful Europe has been overshadowed by airdrome chaos successful caller weeks, leaving passengers anxious and confused.

Thousands of travellers person been near to conflict airdrome queues of up to 3 hours successful immoderate destinations.

In the UK, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds Bradford airports were among those caught retired by unit shortages and accrued postulation again this week.

Some passengers person missed flights.

Similar scenes of rider queues overwhelming the terminal were reported astatine Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport connected the weekend. And the Airports Council International (ACI) has advised it is “inevitable” that these delays volition proceed passim summer.

Which begs the question: what tin travellers bash to minimise the hazard of airdrome delays?

When should I get astatine the airport?

On Tuesday, UK question adept Simon Calder told ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme that airdrome problems are being exacerbated by anxious passengers turning up hours aboriginal for their flights.

He said, "It sounds perfectly mad, but an atrocious batch of these queues are radical who person got a formation astatine 10am turning up astatine 5am.”

This means that passengers who get wrong the timeframe specified by their hose are present being caught successful queues that are swelling with travellers who person arrived excessively early.

Manchester Airport has launched a caller lawsuit run urging passengers to get 3 hours earlier their flights.

But successful a connection past Thursday, the airport’s interim managing manager Ian Costigan added, “The airdrome is asking passengers not to travel immoderate earlier than this due to the fact that they volition not beryllium capable to check-in with their airlines, which could origin unnecessary waits successful the terminals.”

What tin I battalion successful my manus luggage for airdrome security?

Since rider pile-ups began successful March, airdrome bosses person besides been pleading with passengers who whitethorn not person flown for a agelong clip to refamiliarise themselves with information rules.

Manchester Airport successful peculiar has been lambasted for its strict information scanning regulations.

European airdrome regulations authorities that passengers indispensable guarantee each liquids, gels and pastes successful their manus luggage are nether 100ml and are packaged into 1 wide resealable container to spell done the airdrome information scanners.

Pockets besides request to beryllium emptied and ample electricals should beryllium taken retired of manus luggage and enactment into a tray.

Some airports besides importune connected passengers removing belts and boots, truthful wherever imaginable it is worthy packing these successful clasp luggage alternatively than wearing them to fly.

“Rejected bags and trays tin add, connected average, an further 12 minutes to a person’s information process, which erstwhile multiplied by the thousands of passengers flying done soon adds up to lengthy delays that tin easy beryllium avoided,” said Costigan.

When is the busiest clip to alert from an airport?

It is simply a misconception that flying aboriginal is simply a bully mode to dodge the worst of the airdrome queues.

In fact, the biggest queues astatine Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds Bradford airports are being reported successful the aboriginal hours, betwixt astir 4am and 7am.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire's Leeds Bradford Airport speaking to Leeds Live yesterday said that the longest information queues were being experienced during highest question times, from 4am to 8am and 1pm to 4pm.

Typically, airports besides acquisition accrued rider postulation betwixt Friday and Monday. This is owed to play leisure trips and commuting patterns.

So if you’re looking to publication a formation sometime soon, travelling astatine lunchtime during the week could beryllium your champion bet.

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