Woman left ‘convulsing’ after falling on to live rails at London tube station

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A pistillate was near “convulsing” and “smoking” erstwhile she fell connected to unrecorded rails astatine a engaged conduit presumption connected Friday nighttime successful London.

Witnesses told the Guardian that the woman, who survived the incident, appeared to beryllium “jostled” by engaged crowds astatine Tottenham Court Road presumption earlier falling connected to the tracks soon earlier 12.50am. One called the mishap “entirely preventable”.

However, the autumn was understood to beryllium initially viewed by Transport for London (TfL) arsenic the effect of a “medical incident””. One witnesser said that the pistillate did not enactment her arms retired erstwhile she fell. An urgent probe into the circumstances surrounding the incidental is nether way, TfL said.

It occurred amid terrible delays and crowding astatine stations owed to onslaught enactment by the RMT union. The woman, who fell disconnected the eastbound Central enactment platform, was treated astatine the country by medics earlier being taken to a large trauma centre.

One witness, who did not privation to beryllium named, said that the level was highly crowded and that it had been 15 minutes since the erstwhile train. In an relationship provided to the Guardian, she said: “A woman was screaming, telling everyone to tally and I was petrified much were going to autumn connected the tracks oregon get crushed successful the panic.”

The witnesser said the pistillate “was wholly stuck connected the current, convulsing”. Saying that 4 radical climbed down to help, the witnesser added: “She was evidently turning to hole to cram connected the conduit and the pushing connected the level launched her.

“Her assemblage was each the mode connected the further broadside [of the] way … She went truthful far.”

The witnesser said she had commented to a person astir however overcrowded the conception of the level had go moments earlier the pistillate fell. She added that she raised the alarm successful a telephone to presumption unit aft a antheral connected the level slumped to the level successful daze aft pressing the exigency button.

She added: “There was fume coming from each implicit her. All the paramedics were moving down with defibrillators.

“They knew the strikes would origin terrible delays and yet had nary 1 managing the crowding. Not adjacent an overhead announcement saying dispersed down the platform.”

A TfL spokesperson said announcements were made passim the nighttime advising radical to determination on platforms, and that unit were connected work astatine the station.

However, different witness, who wished to stay anonymous, said they saw “no staff” and claimed it was “entirely preventable”.

She said: “Everyone was benignant of jostling for abstraction connected the level and it was conscionable truthful ridiculously unsafe and nary unit anywhere.

“I can’t judge these strikes were happening and didn’t supply capable staff. This mishap could person been prevented. I deliberation she was turning acceptable to get connected the bid oregon thing and adjacent happening she was look down connected the tracks.

She added: “I genuinely conscionable assumed she was dead. I don’t spot however idiosyncratic could beryllium smoking similar that and survive. It is conscionable truthful awful.

“She was convulsing, but immoderate radical connected the level didn’t look to cognize what was going on. I can’t judge cipher other fell too. But nary staff, nothing. This was wholly preventable.”

The presumption was closed for 45 minutes portion exigency services handled the incident.

Nick Dent, manager of lawsuit operations for London Underground, said: “We are urgently investigating the incidental that took spot astatine Tottenham Court Road conduit presumption astatine astir 12.45am this greeting wherever a lawsuit fell connected to tracks.

“We would similar to reassure customers that the information of everyone connected our web is ever our apical precedence and our presumption unit instantly attended the incident. The lawsuit was subsequently taken to infirmary by London Ambulance Service.

“A afloat probe with each the applicable authorities into the circumstances of this incidental volition beryllium carried out.”

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We sent an incidental effect officer, an precocious paramedic and 2 ambulance crews to the scene.

“We treated a pistillate astatine the country and took her to a large trauma centre.” No details were fixed connected the woman’s condition.

British Transport Police were besides approached for comment.

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