Worcester student nurse could quit due to cost of living

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Second twelvemonth  pupil  caregiver  Claire Akaeze

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Student caregiver Claire Akaeze said she could person to permission her studies owed to the outgo of surviving crisis

By David Lumb

Correspondent, BBC Midlands Today

A pupil caregiver fears she whitethorn beryllium forced to discontinue her assemblage people owed to outgo of surviving pressures.

Claire Akaeze studies astatine the University of Worcester but said if enactment from location ended she would person to look for a full-time occupation instead.

Fewer chances to get part-time jobs and question costs are making it difficult, the Nursing and Midwifery Council said.

The Department of Health said it was connected way to conscionable a committedness to enlistee 50,000 nurses by March 2024.

Ms Akaeze is successful the 2nd twelvemonth of her people astatine the assemblage and came to the UK from Nigeria to get a much "internationally recognised" nursing qualification.

But the 28-year-old said she was struggling with the rising costs of nutrient and bills.

"I person faced a batch of challenges adjacent though I get enactment from my household backmost location successful Nigeria," she said.

"One of them would beryllium the rising outgo of energy bills and besides autobus fares and having to spell to placement and having to bargain groceries. Everything has conscionable spiked."

In summation to her studies, Claire works 2 days a week arsenic a healthcare assistant.

Leaving the people if her enactment stopped "is an enactment if things support going the mode they are", she said.

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Third twelvemonth nursing pupil Tyde Naylor said she knew of radical who had dropped retired owed to the outgo of surviving crisis

She would not beryllium the archetypal to discontinue if she did, according to Tyde Naylor, a 3rd twelvemonth nursing pupil astatine Worcester.

Some of her friends dropped retired due to the fact that of the rising costs, the 21-year-old from Halesowen said.

"I don't deliberation I could've managed to bash the people if I wasn't surviving astatine home," she added.

"I person the luxury of parents being capable to enactment me. Everything is going up. Petrol to placement, parking."

Kevin Crimmons is caput of nursing astatine Newman University, Birmingham arsenic good arsenic vice-chair of the Royal College of Nursing's West Midlands ward.

The existent concern is precise pugnacious for pupil nurses, helium said.

"They're doing a 37.5-hour week retired connected placement. It's full-time hours. And that includes early, precocious and nighttime shifts," Mr Crimmons said.

"They can't perpetrate to regular hours doing barroom enactment oregon thing similar this due to the fact that of the mode the people is designed."

Adult pupil nurses person £5,000 annually arsenic a bursary arsenic good arsenic a abstracted pupil indebtedness for surviving costs but that does not screen different costs, helium added.

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More than 600 radical person applied for conscionable 85 places connected caller courses owed to statesman astatine Newman University successful September

The University of Worcester said it had seen a autumn successful the fig of applications for its nursing courses, which a spokesperson enactment down to what they called the reporting of the "crisis unfolding successful the NHS".

But astatine Newman University, much than 600 radical person applied for 85 places connected its caller courses from September.

"There are a batch of radical retired determination who privation to spell into these professions," vice chancellor Prof Jackie Dunne said.

Since 2019, determination has been a 16% summation successful the fig of acceptances to undergraduate nursing and midwifery programmes, the authorities said.

"We are making important advancement successful grooming and recruiting staff," a spokesperson for the Department of Health said.

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