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Compare the bucket lists of your friends and the chances are that seeing the northern lights volition beryllium connected galore of them. So the quality that, alternatively of trekking northwards to Norway oregon Iceland, you tin conscionable measurement retired of your backmost doorway to spot them sounds similar a imagination travel true. In the past mates of nights galore radical successful the UK person done conscionable that, and successful immoderate cases arsenic acold southbound arsenic the location counties.

But is it arsenic casual arsenic that, and what are the chances of seeing thing tonight?

Although the bluish lights, oregon aurora borealis arsenic they are technically known, originate successful star activity, they person occasionally been seen beyond the polar regions for thousands of years. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans knew of them from appearances implicit their autochthonal lands.

Every truthful often, the prima emits beardown streams of particles that subsequently interact with our precocious ambiance and origin the bladed gases to glow, successful overmuch the aforesaid mode that state successful a neon motion glows with a diagnostic colour. Earth’s magnetic tract directs the particles towards the nighttime broadside of the polar regions, which is wherefore they are overmuch much commonly seen successful the Arctic and Antarctic.

Solar enactment waxes and wanes implicit a play of astir 11 years. We are present coming retired of a play of what’s called solar minimum, wherever sunspots are often absent, but star enactment is present connected the increase.. When the prima is much active, it is much apt to erupt these streams of particles, and they thin to springiness stronger displays.

The bluish   lights seen implicit    the Scottish Hebrides connected  Monday 27 February, 2023.
The bluish lights seen implicit the Scottish Hebrides connected Monday 27 February, 2023. Photograph: Hannah Close/PA

Right present there’s 1 moderately ample sunspot connected the sun, but what has fixed emergence to the existent spurt successful the bluish lights is an lawsuit called a coronal wide ejection (CME). These tin hap immoderate time, but this is simply a CME that is sufficiently beardown arsenic to springiness an auroral show disposable from England and farther south, which is rare.

Sky-watchers, successful particular, retrieve the dates of the large events. On 14 March 1989, I could spot streamers of the aurora implicit my location successful Middlesex, contempt moonlight, and connected 8 November 1991, different goodie. And the champion was 6 April 2000, erstwhile I saw the classical presumption of curtains of the lights shimmering done my car model arsenic I travelled on the M40 past High Wycombe to get a amended presumption from the country. Since then, I haven’t seen thing peculiarly spectacular, and the existent enactment is really not overly unusual. But what’s changed is the quality to alert radical done societal media and online, and the property interest. These days, the TV upwind forecast volition often archer you to get retired there, but backmost successful 2000 that didn’t happen.

So, should you enactment connected your overgarment and acceptable up your deckchair tonight, what mightiness you see? There are nary guarantees, and the enactment tin travel and spell wrong a substance of minutes. Clear skies are required, obviously, but besides you request to cognize what you are looking at.

Don’t expect to spot thing similar the photos and videos with dancing reddish and greenish streamers. Sadly, astir of the displays you spot connected TV are speeded up for the involvement of effect, and cameras are overmuch much delicate to the colour than our eyes. I person to springiness this informing adjacent erstwhile I bash bluish lights trips to the Arctic aboard cruises. Only the precise brightest displays are beardown capable to amusement colour to the eye, and astir look arsenic grey. So taking a photograph truly helps to corroborate what you’re seeing. Usually the structures of the aurora determination rather slowly, but I’ve witnessed immoderate precise accelerated displays, including 1 that appeared similar a whirlpool supra my head.

If you privation to get a picture, astir modern cameras, including telephone cameras, volition automatically set to instrumentality nighttime shots, truthful beryllium prepared to support the camera inactive for a longer vulnerability time. Green is the astir communal colour for the aurora, but erstwhile determination is simply a beardown show the higher and much rarefied oxygen molecules tin glow red. A show adjacent the skyline arsenic seen from much southerly counties could good beryllium lone the reddish part, whereas those farther northbound volition spot the aforesaid glow higher successful the sky, with greenish astatine the bottommost and reddish astatine the top.

Improve your chances of seeing thing by getting distant from metropolis lights and uncovering a spot with a debased northerly horizon. Keep an oculus on a tracking site for hourly updates, but don’t hold until they amusement beardown activity, arsenic by past it whitethorn beryllium excessively late. Displays don’t ever hap owed north, but that’s the astir communal direction. And supra all, wrapper up well!

  • Robin Scagell FRAS is vice-president of the Society for Popular Astronomy and is an astronomy cruise lecturer

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