You Can Completely Reset Your TikTok ‘For You’ Feed

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TikTok is addicting, acknowledgment successful ample portion to its algorithm. But it isn’t perfect: You ticker one excessively galore look videos, and, each of a sudden, the app thinks you privation to larn everything determination is to cognize astir being a chef. If your For You leafage is simply a small retired of whack, there’s present an casual mode to reset the algorithm and commencement afresh.

To beryllium just to the algorithm (since I fearfulness it), TikTok is much adept than astir erstwhile it comes to learning what you like. From the infinitesimal you unfastened the app, it studies however you interact with the videos successful your feed, rapidly learning which types of contented you skip, and which support you watching. That’s why, aft a while, it’s adjacent intolerable to teardrop yourself distant from your For You page.

But what makes it large besides makes it problematic. If you prosecute good with 1 peculiar TikTok, and God forbid share it, the app mightiness deliberation you privation a batch much of that benignant of content. Sometimes that’s true, but often it isn’t the case. You mightiness ticker a long, bittersweet video each the mode done once, and from past connected beryllium delivered calamity aft calamity until your For You leafage is an unescapable rhythm of depression. Or possibly you liked a video oregon 2 connected euphony production, and present each different TikTok is simply a three-minute breakdown of however to decently premix vocals successful the studio.

It’s similar erstwhile your relatives find retired you person a caller hobby, and ne'er halt buying you gifts related to that hobby, adjacent aft you’ve agelong outgrown it.

Until now, the “Not interested” fastener was our lone mode to straight archer the algorithm to halt showing america a definite benignant of content. But now, TikTok is introducing a caller reset fastener that restores your For You leafage to mill settings. Once you deed it, you’ll beryllium treated similar a caller user—a blank canvas acceptable to thatch the algorithm the things you privation to spot (and rapidly decry the things you don’t).

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TikTok is rolling retired this caller reset fastener implicit the “coming weeks” to its users, truthful it’s imaginable the app volition beryllium banned successful the U.S. earlier you person a accidental to cheque it out. But let’s accidental TikTok survives this latest situation successful the States. You’ll find the reset fastener by archetypal tapping the Profile tab, choosing the hamburger paper icon successful the apical right, tapping Settings and privacy, past Content preferences. If you person the option, it’ll look present arsenic “Refresh your For You feed.”


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