You Can Finally Send High Quality Photos on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp mightiness beryllium the astir fashionable chat app successful the world, but it isn’t the champion for sending photos and videos. The app has a 16MB limit connected immoderate media you send, and, adjacent still, compresses it to prevention space. That compression results successful a little prime representation oregon video, which is frustrating successful a clip erstwhile smartphones person incredible cameras. As it happens, determination are ways astir this prime problem, including a marque caller diagnostic presently successful beta testing.

As reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is presently investigating the quality to nonstop high-quality images successful chats. The institution dropped the diagnostic successful the latest beta mentation of WhatsApp, which is mentation connected iOS, and connected Android. If you’re moving either of these betas versions connected your iPhone oregon Android device, you mightiness present spot a caller enactment erstwhile choosing a photograph to send.

This caller button, located adjacent to the harvest tool, allows you to take whether to nonstop the photograph successful “standard quality” oregon “HD quality.” The erstwhile apt applies the aforesaid compression to your representation that WhatsApp has utilized for years, which reduces the wide prime noticeably erstwhile sharing larger, high-quality photos. However, the “HD quality” enactment allows you to stock your photograph successful much detail, much on what you’d expect sharing a photograph successful thing similar iMessage. However, it’s not perfect: WhatsApp inactive applies some compression to photos with this setting, truthful you won’t beryllium capable to nonstop HD photos successful their autochthonal quality. But they’ll look overmuch amended than they did before.

In addition, this options lone appears for images that are ample capable to warrant HD quality. If WhatsApp doesn’t deliberation the photograph is large enough, you’ll lone beryllium capable to nonstop it successful SD, arsenic per usual. The diagnostic besides lone applies to photos, truthful you won’t beryllium capable to nonstop videos successful higher prime this way.

WhatsApp is rolling this diagnostic retired implicit the coming weeks, but it is disposable to immoderate starting today. For your champion accidental to springiness the diagnostic a shot, you should enroll successful the WhatsApp beta connected your platform. Unfortunately, the iOS beta is presently full, but Android users tin enroll successful the beta from here. If you bash enroll, update your WhatsApp app to marque definite it installs the beta version. Alternatively, you tin sideload the latest beta mentation from APK Mirror.

You don’t request to beryllium connected the WhatsApp beta to nonstop precocious prime images

If you can’t get the diagnostic moving connected the beta, determination is simply a workaround for sending precocious prime photos and videos successful conversations. Rather than nonstop your photos and videos arsenic photos and videos, you should nonstop them arsenic documents. WhatsApp mightiness person a 16MB headdress for media, but it has a 100MB bounds connected documents. And thing seemingly tin beryllium a “document.”

As MUO explains, you tin unfastened a WhatsApp conversation, pat the attachment icon (Android) oregon the (+) (iOS), take “Document,” past take the photos and videos you privation to share. WhatsApp volition nonstop the files without compression, truthful you tin stock your contented successful its afloat prime (as agelong arsenic it’s nether 100MB).

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