You Can Get 50% Off Paramount+ With Showtime Right Now

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If you’ve been reasoning astir adding Paramount+ (Star Trek! Many Yellowstone spinoff!), Showtime (Yellowjackets!), oregon some to your streaming lineup—or possibly subscribing successful lieu of paying for your ain Netflix account—now is the clip to spot if you similar what these services person to offer, due to the fact that you tin get them some for half-off for 3 months.

Previously, you had a fewer options for signing up for Paramount+: Paramount+ Essentials, an ad-supported program for $4.99/month; Paramount+ Premium, an ad-free program for $9.99/month; and a bundle of Paramount+ Premium with Showtime for $11.99/month. On June 27, that’s changing: Paramount+ and Showtime volition merge into 1 streaming service, with the enactment to subscribe to ad-free Paramount+ without Showtime going away.

All subscribers connected an ad-free program volition henceforth beryllium charged $11.99 per period for ad-free Paramount+ with Showtime. Paramount+ Essentials is besides going up successful price, to $5.99 per period (a $1 increase); the ad-supported program doesn’t see immoderate Showtime content. (When the caller program pricing begins, existent subscribers volition beryllium asked to consent to the change.)

But from May 25 until June 4, Paramount+ is offering 50% off—which comes to $5.99 per month—for the archetypal 3 months for caller subscribers to Paramount+ with Showtime. After the 90-day escaped proceedings is up, your subscription volition renew astatine the afloat terms unless you cancel.

What you get with Paramount+ and Showtime


gives you entree to Paramount’s movies and shows,

including exclusive originals similar the galore Star Trek bid (Discovery, Picard, Strange New Worlds,

 Lower Decks), the Tyler Sheridan-verse (1883, 1923, Tulsa King, Mayor of Kingstown), and others.

The streamer besides offers

unrecorded sports, including NFL, UEFA Champions and Europa League, Serie

A, and CBS sports. On the ad-free plan, you tin besides watch

CBS programming

and further sports without commercials.

Showtime adds successful bid similar Yellowjackets, Waco: The Aftermath, Uncoupled, and Rabbit Hole arsenic good arsenic films similar


Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All At Once.

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