You Can Get a $30 Gift Card With a New Costco Membership

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The exterior of a Costco

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Costco is the champion warehouse nine store you tin articulation (and not lone due to the fact that of those blistery dogs), and close present is an particularly bully clip to bash truthful if you haven’t already: For a constricted time, you tin get a twelvemonth of Gold Star rank for $60 and person a $30 in-store acquisition card. Here’s what you request to know.

How to get the Gold Star rank deal

If you request a refresher connected the antithetic tiers of rank Costco offers, present are the details:

Costco offers 4 antithetic memberships: the Executive, Gold Star, Business Executive, and Everyday Value Business memberships. If you don’t person a business, you truly lone person the Executive oregon Gold Star options, since the second 2 necessitate immoderate signifier of business identification, specified arsenic a concern license.

The Executive and Gold Star memberships some springiness you an further Household Card that you tin springiness to idiosyncratic implicit 18 and who lives astatine your address. They some besides let you to usage Costco state stations (where you’ll beryllium capable to save wealth connected each gallon arsenic a member) and entree to immoderate Costco services similar their proceeding assistance and optical clinics and pharmacy.

The main quality betwixt the Gold Star rank and the Executive Membership is that you won’t beryllium racking up reward points for each of your purchases during the year—and the Gold Star rank is half the terms (even little if you origin successful the $30 acquisition card). You tin springiness the further household paper to immoderate big “living astatine the aforesaid address.”

Check retired these Costco deals that tin beryllium delivered to you—and non-members tin bargain too—(with the modular 5% surcharge):

The $30 “digital Costco store card” you’ll person arsenic a perk does not expire, tin beryllium utilized in-store oregon online, and volition beryllium emailed to you wrong 2 weeks of the acquisition of your membership. This woody is for caller members (or erstwhile members who canceled their memberships much than 18 months ago) only.

Keep successful caput that buying the rank astatine this link isn’t the aforesaid arsenic activating your membership. You indispensable really redeem and activate your rank by Nov. 14, 2023, to suffice for the promotion.

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