You Can Preorder the AirPods Pro With USB-C for $50 Off Right Now

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Image: Apple

Apple revealed the newest changes to the AirPods Pro during its September “Wonderlust” event. The caller headphones physique disconnected the already released AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, but alternatively of utilizing the aged Lightning cable, it present supports USB-C. The caller earbuds aren’t adjacent retired yet, but Best Buy is already moving a woody that volition fto you get them for $50 off.

Right now, you can get the caller AirPods Pro with USB-C astatine Best Buy for $199.99. It’s unclear however agelong the woody volition last, but these earbuds typically tally for $249.99, truthful seeing adjacent a tiny discount connected them is nice. The woody lone covers the preorder of these earbuds, which are presently acceptable to merchandise connected Sept. 22.

The AirPods Pro are the tech company’s archetypal wireless earbuds and headphones to get the USB-C attraction alongside the iPhone 15 lineup. They’re beauteous overmuch the aforesaid arsenic the archetypal AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds, but they athletics caller particulate absorption and aboriginal enactment for lossless audio that’ll enactment with the Apple Vision Pro VR headset.

You’ll besides find immoderate different new features disposable connected the AirPods Pro with USB-C, including Adaptive Audio, Personalized Volume, and Conversation Awareness, each of which are powered by the caller AI systems Apple is present taking vantage of. 

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