You Can Save Up to 20% on a Steam Deck Right Now

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Image: Valve Corporation

The Steam Deck mightiness not beryllium the astir almighty portable gaming handheld successful the world, but it inactive offers entree to some modern PC gaming and old-school emulation. I’ve already talked in-depth astir wherefore I deliberation the Steam Deck is a bully purchase successful 2023, but if you’ve been waiting for the terms to driblet earlier picking 1 up, present mightiness beryllium the clip to strike.

That’s due to the fact that the Steam Deck is connected sale for up to 20% disconnected done Sept. 21, 2023, ordered straight from the Steam storefront. The nonstop magnitude you prevention volition alteration depending connected which mentation of the Valve-built handheld you choose, truthful here’s a look astatine each the details.

  • You tin get 10% disconnected the 64GB Steam Deck, which brings the full from $399 to $359.10.
  • If you privation a somewhat larger SSD, the 256GB Steam Deck is $449.65, astir 15% disconnected the modular $529 price.
  • The 512GB exemplary is disposable for a afloat 20% off, astatine $519.20. This exemplary usually retails for $649, truthful you’re redeeming implicit $100 if you determine to spell large and take the Steam Deck with the astir storage.

The woody is lone bully until Sept. 21, truthful if you program connected getting the Steam Deck, you should enactment quickly.

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