You Can Still Get DVDs From Netflix (and Maybe You Should)

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Am I the lone 1 who didn’t cognize Netflix inactive offered DVDs? The institution has been all-in connected streaming for truthful long, I conjecture I assumed its carnal media fell distant astatine immoderate constituent betwixt House of Cards and Squid Games. However, adjacent successful 2022, you tin message yourself movies and TV shows straight from Netflix, truthful agelong arsenic you person a instrumentality that play discs. And if you do, you mightiness really privation to.

Wait, Netflix has DVDs?

Depending connected your age, it mightiness astonishment you to larn that Netflix started retired arsenic a DVD work mode backmost successful 1997. You placed an bid online for the movies you wanted to watch, and Netflix would message you the DVD, 1 astatine a time. You watched the DVD, mailed it back, and different would magically look successful your mailbox. It was Blockbuster without leaving your home, which is wherefore everyone blames Netflix for sidesplitting the video store concatenation (even though Blockbuster had their ain DVD mail-in service, arsenic well).

Once their streaming work took disconnected successful popularity, they tried to divided the 2 into 2 chiseled options: Netflix (streaming), and Qwikster (DVDs). If you’re wondering what the hellhole Qwikster is, that’s due to the fact that Netflix abandoned the sanction after little than a month. Now, Netflix owns the domain, which is simply a much better name.

What Netflix offers with its DVD service

Although Netflix’s existent DVD work isn’t good known (or, astatine least, not good known to me), it isn’t each that cheap. There are 3 tiers, with the lone quality being the fig of DVDs you person astatine immoderate fixed time. For $9.99 per month, you get 1 DVD; $14.99 nets you two; and $19.99 earns you three. Universal perks see unlimited discs per month, nary owed dates oregon precocious fees, and nary complaint for shipping oregon returns (although determination is an asterisk adjacent to that introduction with nary mentation anyplace connected the enactment page).

G/O Media whitethorn get a commission

Image for nonfiction  titled You Can Still Get DVDs From Netflix (and Maybe You Should)

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Still, it mightiness beryllium worthy the wealth depending connected who you are. For starters, it restores Netflix’s presumption arsenic the work with “everything.” We utilized to deliberation that of Netflix: Just astir thing you could deliberation to watch, you could find. In caller years, however, arsenic much and much studios privation their ain streaming services, Netflix mislaid much and much shows and movies. Now, you hunt for thing to watch, and, much often than not, Netflix recommends you “similar” titles, since it doesn’t person the happening you’re actually interested in.

That doesn’t alteration erstwhile thing leaves Netflix, either. Breaking Bad, a amusement propelled by Netflix, will yet permission the platform. But adjacent aft that, you tin bid up the show, play by season, and bask it 1 disc astatine a time. Netflix doesn’t study however galore titles they person to connection you, but they bash accidental you tin ticker “almost each movie and TV amusement you privation to,” with movies from the 1910s until now. That’s a batch of discs.

Speaking of discs, it’s not each DVDs implicit astatine Netflix. While DVDs inactive person their place, Netflix besides offers Blu-rays for nary other charge. It doesn’t look similar Netflix offers 4K Blu-rays, truthful you volition miss retired connected the other solution and HDR. However, 1080p Blu-rays inactive look excellent, and are mode much of a ocular leap from 480p DVDs than 1080p is to 4K. Plus, with carnal media, there’s nary request to interest astir a dilatory net transportation ruining your movie night. There’s nary buffering with a Blu-ray.

While the terms is simply a small steep connected the surface, it isn’t that bad if you’re idiosyncratic who watches a just magnitude of movies. If you’re perpetually renting the latest flicks from services similar Apple TV oregon Google Play, you’ll find Netflix’s offering to beryllium overmuch cheaper. For example, if you rent Where the Crawdads Sing and Jurassic World Dominion for $5.99 each, you’re already spending much than a month’s worthy of discs from Netflix. Those titles are presently disposable connected Netflix’s DVD service, by the way, truthful you tin ticker overmuch of the aforesaid contented for less.

As we’ve talked astir before, there’s inactive a spot for carnal media. Netflix mightiness not advertise its DVD work overmuch successful 2022, opting alternatively to walk its selling fund connected its streaming content. But is thing each movie and TV buff should consider. You tin take to adhd the work to your existent Netflix plan, oregon subscribe to it by itself. $9.99 per period doesn’t dependable truthful atrocious if you ditch Netflix due for $19.99/month.

How to subscribe to Netflix’s DVD service

If you already person a Netflix account, motion into, click your illustration successful the apical right, past take “Account.” Click “Add DVD plan,” and travel the on-screen instructions. If you don’t person a Netflix account, you tin simply motion up for a Netflix DVD relationship done oregon

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