You Can Try Out Android 14's New Swipe Back Gesture Early

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Android and iOS are much akin contiguous than they’ve ever been, but Android inactive reigns ultimate successful 1 peculiar area: the backmost gesture. While iPhones woody with inconsistent backmost gestures and buttons, going backmost connected Android is simply a dream—a elemental 1 astatine that. You pat the backmost button, oregon swipe back, and you instrumentality to the past page, app, oregon surface you were visiting, each time. Now, the motion is changing, and you tin beryllium among the archetypal to effort the caller update.

Why would you bash that erstwhile it’s already truthful good? Well, we’ve praised Android’s backmost gesture, truthful let’s knock it (a bit). It’s undeniably cleanable for going backmost to the past happening you were doing connected your smartphone. But what if you don’t retrieve what that happening was? Sure, if you’re going backmost seconds aboriginal you’ll apt know, but possibly you conscionable spent the past 12 minutes reading astir the times the Oscars got it right, and your caput is truthful preoccupied with Frances McDormand’s show successful Fargo you person no idea what you were doing earlier you clicked connected that article.

For astir Android users, the backmost motion is simply a convenient changeable successful the dark. But it won’t beryllium for long: With Android 14, Google is yet giving america immoderate discourse earlier we leap backmost to our erstwhile position. With Android 14 Developer Preview 2, we present person a “predictive backmost gesture,” which shows you a preview of what you’re astir to power to arsenic you propulsion connected the screen. If you’re astir to spell backmost a page, you’ll spot that, but if you’re astir to leap into different app, you’ll spot its model dilatory look arsenic well. In addition, you’ll spot a Material You arrow look to enactment the information you’re going backmost a page.

How to get the caller Android backmost motion close now

Of course, Android 14 isn’t retired yet. (Hell, immoderate of america don’t adjacent person Android 13 yet.) To effort the caller backmost motion retired for yourself, you’ll request to instal the latest Android 14 developer preview connected your Pixel 4a 5G oregon newer.

Unlike Apple’s developer betas, which are locked distant down a paid developer account, anyone tin instal the developer preview connected a compatible Pixel device. However, similar immoderate bundle successful testing, instrumentality caution earlier installing it connected your idiosyncratic phone. If you do, marque definite you person a wide backup of your information somewhere, since an contented with the developer preview mightiness unit you to reset your smartphone, losing immoderate information that isn’t saved elsewhere.

Developer previews are besides a spot much progressive than installing mean preview software, but Android Police has a large walkthrough for flashing the developer preview connected your Pixel. Once the developer preview is installed connected your device, you’ll find the caller predictive backmost motion enactment nether “Developer options” successful Settings.

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