You Need to Extend the 'Undo Send' Timer on Your Email

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“Undo Send” is simply a godsend. Everyone knows you lone drawback the astir egregious typos and retrieve the astir important attachments immediately after you deed nonstop connected an email, truthful having a fastener that cancels your outgoing connection earlier it hits idiosyncratic else’s inbox is essential. But if you’re utilizing your email app as-is, you mightiness beryllium missing retired connected other clip to observe your mistakes.

Different email clients acceptable antithetic default Undo Send timers. Apple’s Mail app sets the default timer astatine 10 seconds, portion Gmail’s is simply a paltry 5 seconds. But galore besides let you to summation this timer (and alteration the chances of a atrocious email slipping distant from your outbox). For some, the max is arsenic agelong arsenic 30 seconds! Imagine of each that clip you could walk reasoning implicit the connection you conscionable sent. By the 18th second, you mightiness retrieve the substance doc you wholly forgot to attach; by 2nd 29, you mightiness recognize you spelled your boss’ sanction wrong. Changing your Undo Send timer could prevention your life (or, astatine least, your ego).

Unfortunately, portion 30 seconds is the modular maximum, not each emails clients volition comply. Microsoft Outlook, for instance, lone lets you prime betwixt 5 oregon 10 seconds, which isn’t the astir adjuvant scope of options. But, hey, an other 5 seconds is an other 5 seconds.

How to summation your email app’s Undo Send timer connected Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook

If your email lawsuit allows for Undo Send, you’ll apt find its options, including its timer, successful the settings for the app oregon site. These are a fewer of the much fashionable email options, and wherever to find their timers.

  • Gmail: Open your inbox, past caput to Settings. (If you spot Quick Settings, take “See each settings.”) Next to “Undo send,” acceptable the paper to “30 seconds.”
  • Apple Mail: On Mac, caput to Settings > Composing, past acceptable “Undo nonstop delay” to “30 seconds.” On iOS, unfastened Settings > Mail, past scroll to the bottommost to take “”Undo Send Delay.”
  • Outlook: Head to Settings > View each Outlook settings. Choose Mail > Compose and reply. Now, nether “Undo send,” take whether to hold messages 5 oregon 10 seconds.

If you usage a circumstantial email app and can’t find it’s Undo Send option, bash a speedy Google hunt for it. If thing turns up, it’s imaginable your app doesn’t enactment Undo Send, successful which case, you should definitely power apps. If your enactment controls your email, however, it’s besides apt they’ve disabled Undo Send, successful which case, you should astir apt find a caller occupation (or person a speech with IT).

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