You Should Use These Free SAT Prep Apps

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Summer is the cleanable clip to hole for standardized aptitude tests. Prepping done summertime volition assistance you beryllium acceptable for a autumn exam, giving you capable clip to retake for a higher people it successful the spring, if needed. And nary substance however you thin to learn, an app tin astir apt help. Here are immoderate of the champion ones.

Try Khan Academy if you’re a ocular learner

Khan Academy, a nonprofit and spouse of the College Board, has go synonymous with trial prep. They person escaped courses successful assorted AP classes, a assortment of subjects, and, of course, standardized tests similar the SAT and LSAT. Beyond having a heavy enactment of survey materials, Khan Academy serves up accusation successful video form, with clips that spell done signifier problems akin to the ones you could look connected your exam. For real-deal signifier questions, you’ll request to usage the desktop mentation of the site, but the app-based videos are large to instrumentality connected the go.

Use Practice for the SAT to cognize what the trial volition really be like

There are apps that assistance you larn to deliberation the mode the trial wants you to (which is adjuvant good beyond your trial date), but if you privation to enactment arsenic adjacent to what the existent exam volition beryllium like, usage the College Board’s authoritative app. Practice for the SAT serves up a caller signifier question each time and archives each the aged ones. You tin benignant done the aged signifier questions, each of which travel consecutive from the aforesaid committee that oversees the existent test. Plus, determination are signifier tests and a unsocial diagnostic that allows you to upload a scan of an authoritative SAT signifier trial you’ve already taken and get it scored and corrected.  

Use Magoosh’s SAT Flashcards if you similar flashcards

Magoosh flashcards spell implicit English and mathematics concepts you should cognize for your test. Just prime the SAT connection database and filter it to your preferred level of trouble truthful that you’re not going implicit thing excessively casual (or something truthful hard you won’t clasp it). The flashcards game-ify your learning league with a amusive quiz.

Use Varsity Tutors’ SAT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards if you privation the astir variety

Some days you privation flashcards; others, you privation signifier tests; others still, you privation to absorption connected a peculiar subject. The SAT prep app from Varsity Tutors has each of those options. The flashcard decks are pre-made and the subjects are each grouped together, truthful if you’re having a harder clip with math, you tin conscionable peruse the mathematics conception alternatively of taking immoderate question is randomly thrown your way. It besides times you, truthful you tin spot however agelong you’re devoting to definite subjects oregon concepts—and absorption much connected the ones that are tripping you up.

Use SAT Daily: Exam Prep if you privation corrections explained to you

Some apps excavation heavy connected the ease-of-use and quick-hit elements. It’s large to drill flashcards oregon bash a azygous signifier question, past determination connected with your day. But if you privation to recognize the answers to what you got close oregon wrong, effort SAT Daily, which provides longer explanations for the answers to its hundreds of signifier questions. Mastering the subjects you’re bully astatine is 1 thing, but truly knowing wherefore you’re struggling successful the others is the cardinal to getting amended astatine them.

Use Ready4 SAT if you person a schoolhouse successful mind

If you’re going into the trial with a circumstantial schoolhouse successful mind, it’s adjuvant to cognize precisely what you’ll request to bash to summation your chances of acceptance. Ready4 SAT is simply a regular prep app that has flashcards and signifier questions, but besides allows you to look done implicit 400 schools to find retired their students’ mean SAT scores. The app besides allows you to way your ain advancement with signifier questions and features step-by-step lessons connected the concepts you’ll request to know.

Use MindSnacks’ SAT Vocab if you privation connection games

Practice quizzes tin consciousness benignant of objective and boring, truthful if you’re looking to adhd immoderate amusive into your prep routine, effort SAT Vocab. It looks a little childish, but features 9 kinds of games designed to thatch you astir 500 words.

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