Young people in England and Wales twice as likely to identify as LGB+

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Young people’s openness with sexuality has been revealed successful unprecedented census information showing radical aged 16 to 24 are much than doubly arsenic apt to place arsenic lesbian, gay, bisexual oregon different number intersexual predisposition (LGB+) than the wide population.

In Brighton and Hove, 1 of Britain’s longtime cheery capitals, conscionable nether 1 successful six 16- to 24-year-olds place with a intersexual individuality different than consecutive – good implicit doubly the England and Wales mean of 6.9% for that property group.

The figures travel from the 2021 census exploring the property illustration of England and Wales’ 1.5 cardinal LGB+ people.

Chart showing 16- to 24-year-olds were astir apt to place arsenic LGB+

Almost 1 successful 10 females successful the 16-to-24 property radical identified arsenic LGB+ compared with 2% among pistillate 45- to 54-year-olds.

The census, taken connected 21 March 2021, was the archetypal clip authorities statisticians person asked each radical aged implicit 16 astir their intersexual and sex identity.

They recovered that much than fractional of LGB+ radical were aged betwixt 16 and 34 – contempt this radical accounting for little than a 3rd of the wide population. Overall, much women than men were LGB+ – 830,000 to 706,000 – a spread greater than tin beryllium explained by the wide colonisation containing 1.5 cardinal much women.

The places with the astir divers intersexual predisposition among the youngest radical tended to person 2 oregon much universities. They see Ceredigion successful Wales, Norwich, Cambridge and Lincoln.

Across England and Wales, the youngest women were 3 times much apt to place arsenic bisexual than cheery oregon lesbian and crossed each property groups 71% of bisexuals were female.

Chart showing females aged 16-24 and males aged 25-34 were astir apt to place arsenic LGB+

As the colonisation ages, bisexuality rates autumn rapidly and successful each older property groups radical are much apt to person identified arsenic cheery oregon lesbian.

The crisp drop-off successful radical successful older property groups identifying arsenic a number intersexual predisposition is apt to trigger questions astir entrenched homophobic attitudes.

The proportionality of radical who identified arsenic LGB+ was highest (6.9%) among radical aged 16 to 25 and past decreased with each successive property radical to 0.4% successful radical aged 75 and over.

“It’s due to the fact that radical are acrophobic to travel retired and acrophobic to accidental they are LGBTQ+, ” said a spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ foundation Stonewall. “People implicit 70 came of property erstwhile homosexuality was criminalised and determination was a fearfulness of jail. You tin expect this radical to beryllium afraid.”

The highest property for males to place with a number intersexual predisposition was somewhat older than females astatine betwixt 25 and 34, erstwhile 5.1% said they were LGB+.

There was besides a quality successful the proportionality of men identifying arsenic LGB+ successful England and Wales, with lone 2.7% identifying arsenic specified successful Wales and 3% successful England. The land of Anglesey, disconnected the northbound Wales coast, recorded 485 LGB+ men – astatine 1.8% the lowest of anyplace successful Wales.

The straightest group, erstwhile splitting by property and gender, were women aged 55 to 64, 92% of whom identified arsenic heterosexual. Across some sexes, the proportionality of radical who ticked the “heterosexual” container fell successful the 65 and implicit property groups.

Separate figures connected sex individuality recovered that younger radical are acold much apt to place arsenic transgender, with 1% of radical aged 16 to 24 saying that their sex individuality was antithetic from their enactment registered astatine birth. That compares with 0.5% of the wide population.

Chart showing 1% of radical aged 16-24 identified arsenic transgender

The figures besides highlighted differing views of enactment and sex among the transgender population. Around 1 successful 3 radical who identified arsenic a trans antheral oregon a trans pistillate said their enactment was antithetic to that of their sex identity, portion astir two-thirds answered with the aforesaid enactment they had enactment down for their sex identity.

Stonewall said the information should beryllium “a wake-up telephone for leaders successful each walks of life”.

“The rainbow generations are your future,” it said. “Soon these generations volition beryllium the biggest conception of our workforce, the radical who volition beryllium consuming our media, the endowment pipeline for our sports, the assemblage for our taste output, the radical we privation to nurture arsenic our aboriginal voters.

“For gen Z and millennials, determination are simply much LGBTQ+ radical successful these generations and we volition beryllium a bigger portion of each constituency, workplace, athletics nine oregon religion assemblage than nether erstwhile generations.”

The foundation urged the authorities to tailor services amended to these groups, for illustration by moving against homophobic favoritism successful attraction settings.

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