YouTuber Hank Green reveals he has cancer

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YouTuber Hank Green has revealed helium has been diagnosed with cancer.

The fashionable creator - champion known for moving the Vlog Brothers transmission with sibling John - posted a video connected Friday, telling viewers helium had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Hodgkin's lymphoma is simply a benignant of crab which attacks the lymphatic system.

Mr Green said helium would soon beryllium opening attraction for the disease, adding it is 1 "the astir treatable" cancers.

He said: "It seems apt that we caught excavation early. I'm inactive waiting connected a scan to benignant of corroborate that."

"The extremity is cure," helium added, saying the "procedure to get determination is reasonably good known if unpleasant," successful a notation to chemotherapy.

He went connected to laic retired however the diagnosis would interaction his YouTube vocation and the frequence with which helium publishes videos.

Vlog Brothers has 3.57m subscribers, galore of whom person near words of enactment successful the comments section.

The video of Mr Green revealing his crab diagnosis was viewed much than 1.8m times successful 7 hours.

His different fashionable channels see Crash Course and SciShow, which are some educational.

Shortly aft his announcement video, it was announced helium would not beryllium attending the VidCon streaming normal scheduled to instrumentality spot adjacent period successful Anaheim, California.

He founded the normal on with his member successful 2010, but it is present owned by Paramount Global.

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