Zaporizhzhia: Russian strikes forced nuclear reactor closure, operator says

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By George Wright
BBC News

A serviceman with a Russian emblem  connected  his azygous   stands defender  adjacent   the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power PlantImage source, Reuters

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Russia seized the Zaporizhzhia works - the biggest successful Europe - successful March but kept its Ukrainian employees

The relation of the Zaporizhzhia atomic powerfulness works successful Ukraine says parts of the installation were "seriously damaged" by Russian subject strikes, forcing the closure of 1 reactor.

There was inactive a hazard of radioactive leaks, Enerhoatom warned.

Moscow said Ukraine carried retired the attack, but the EU has condemned Russia's actions astatine the plant.

Russia seized the Zaporizhzhia works - the biggest successful Europe - successful March but kept its Ukrainian employees.

Ukraine accuses Russian forces of firing rockets astatine civilian areas from the site, employing "terror tactics".

Friday's strikes "caused a superior hazard for the harmless cognition of the plant", Enerhoatom wrote connected Telegram, adding that a powerfulness cablegram had been damaged, forcing 1 of the reactors to halt working.

The BBC was incapable to verify the reported harm astatine the atomic plant.

However, the EU has deed retired astatine Moscow implicit the latest shelling with the bloc's apical diplomat, Josep Borrell, saying it "condemns Russia's subject activities" astir the plant.

"This is simply a superior and irresponsible breach of atomic information rules and different illustration of Russia's disregard for planetary norms," helium said, and called for the UN's atomic watchdog - the IAEA - to beryllium granted entree to the plant.

The caput of the IAEA this week said the works was "completely retired of control".

Russian forces clasp the works and surrounding areas, adjacent to Ukrainian-held territory. It consists of six pressurised h2o reactors and stores radioactive waste.

Civilians successful adjacent Nikopol, which lies crossed the stream and is inactive nether Ukrainian control, told the BBC that the Russians were firing rockets from the country astir the works and moving subject hardware into the compound.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said connected Friday that "any bombing of this tract is simply a shameless crime, an enactment of terror".

The works is successful the metropolis of Enerhodar, successful the south-east of Ukraine on the near slope of the River Dnieper (Dnipro successful Ukrainian).

The UK defence ministry says Russia is utilizing the country to motorboat attacks - taking vantage of the "protected status" of the atomic powerfulness works to trim the hazard of overnight attacks from Ukrainian forces.

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